Tutorial About Api

All the shades of an API.

Human-readable decompilation is just a part of what Panoramix
does. It also creates a machine-readable .json view.

Human-readable code

Machine-readable code

If using .json, be sure to check out:
- https://showme-1389.appspot.com - ShowMe demo
- https://github.com/kolinko/showmewhatyougot
Especially, trace.py file, which contains a rough outline of the trace format.

All the contracts in BigQuery database
If you want to do bulk analysis of the contracts (e.g. find all
the open self-destructs, some vulnerabilities, or some other
statistics), be sure to check the BigQuery integration.

It's all the .json representations available in a public dataset,
allowing for easy filtering/analysis using JavaScript.

- https://github.com/kolinko/asterix - Asterix demo
- Analysing 1.2M contracts in bulk - Medium article

Takes a few moments to set up Google Cloud, but absolutely worth it.

- This is Beta, the API may change. E-mail kolinko@gmail.com if you're building 
on top of it, so I can let you know in advance.

- If you want to do >10k queries - use BigQuery, not .json.
  It's more reliable, and won't kill Eveem server