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Welcome to Eveem.org
Redesign, new features. Let me know if anything breaks. kolinko@gmail.com Some fun stuff after 2,513,589 decompiled contracts... [0]what's new [1]transfers [2]selfdestruct piniata [3]stats

New frontend version  # 19 Nov 2019

Switched to a new frontend server. It should work
faster, and hang up less. 

Let me know if you see anything break.

Brand new version!  # 26th Apr 2019

After two months of intense work, there is now a new
decompiler version, with some heavy changes to the

If you notice any new bugs - especially things that
used to work before, but don't now, please e-mail kolinko@gmail.com.

Friday afternoon, pushed to production, now it's time for rest :D

Bugfixes etc  # 4th Mar 2019

Busy two weeks, preparing a new architecture that
will handle many functions that fail to decompile now.

As for the small stuff:
- fixed error 500s on website and in API
- better mobile view
- deployed custom bytecode decompiler
- slides on detecting underflows in contracts

Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone,
and for the coverage in Smart Contract Security Newsletter,
Ethereum Weekly, IEEE Spectrum, and all the tweets!

Cool new things  # 11th Feb 2019

The biggest web update so far:
- a lot of decompiler fixes (see 6th Feb news)
- support for Ropsten/Rinkeby/Kovan addresses
- a nice display of the JSON format that's geared for automated analysis
- 'Data' section - showing storages that have no getters. 
   Is Eveem seriously the only place this is easily accessible? :)
- experimental ABI file auto-generation
- disassembly view, because why not
- integrated ~1300 token metadata from the Methadata project

Thanks Namanyay Goel for the design/typography cleanup, and
Ivan On Tech for the coverage!

New version coming soon  # 6th Feb 2019

A lot of small fixes coming up. Tested already,
and re-decompiling contracts now.

- better 'while' loop detection
- fixed folder issues
- clean up unnecessary mem writes display
- show calldatacopy etc mem writes when necessary
- various small improvements to prettifier

Support for Ropsten/Rinkeby/Kovan coming soon.

Also, thank you to Michael del Castillo for the Forbes coverage!

Decompiler bugfixes  # 24th Jan 2019

- slightly better storage display
- fixed 'create' parsing
- 'call' readability improvements

- code cleanup for open-sourcing Panoramix
- switched website hosting into Google App Engine
- decompiled the remaining contracts, so it's 2.2M altogether now

Binance SAFU hackathon win  # 20th Jan 2019

Alexey & Nirmal won Binance SAFU hackathon, using - among other things - Eveem's
bytecode analysis and API to figure out which mainnet contracts are Ponzi schemes.

Eveem's help with Constantinopole  # 16th Jan 2019

- received a wonderful 'thank you' in the ChainSecurity article
- found the first contracts that would be affected by the bug
- released a list of contracts that may-be-but-probably-aren't affected

Eveem/BigQuery announcement  # 3rd Jan 2019

All the 1.2M decompiled contracts are now in a public BigQuery dataset,
which makes it easy for people to analyse them in bulk and find interesting

- Article - Analysing 1.2M mainnet contracts in 20 seconds
- Asterix - example analysis script

The above was used by ChainSecurity in looking for contracts 
potentially affected by the Constantinopole EVM changes.

- A fork of Asterix checking for Reentracy
- Constantinople enables new Reentrancy Attack by ChainSecurity

ShowMe at EthSingapore  # 10th Dec 2018

Along with Alexey from Bloxy.info we built a cool tool using Eveem's API.
It uses source codes from Eveem to show fun facts about the smart contracts:

- who are the owners/admins
- who can change them, using which functionality
- what functions can owners/admins call
- what other contracts are referenced by a given one

You can play with the tool here, but above all - check out the sources on GitHub
and build some other analysis tools yourself.

Eveem premiere at Devcon Prague  # 30th Oct 2018

This is the day the site has launched.

A first line of decompiler code written  # 5th Oct 2018

Most of what you see on this site was created in 4 weeks of crunch-programming :)